#209 – “If you don’t want me, I’m not going to let myself want you.” Oprah Winfrey

If someone doesn’t want you, they don’t want you.  So stop wasting your time because with so many people in the world, there is someone perfectly wonderful who will want you. Your job is to put yourself out there so they can find you.

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About sand1

When I was young, I made a lot of bad choices. The only way I knew to dig myself and my family out was to go to the library, always hoping that the next book I read would change my life and thankfully, often many of them did. Out of gratitude for the happy life I have now, I decided to share what I have learned, and continue to learn. I hope that Tuesday Tips helps you as much as they have helped and continue to help me. Sand
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2 Responses to #209 – “If you don’t want me, I’m not going to let myself want you.” Oprah Winfrey

  1. Marie Davidson says:

    Right now because of what I am going through in a relationship, this is what i feel I should do but haven’t yet gone through the motions of doing it.

    • sand1 says:

      What helped me get over someone who didn’t want me was when the psycholgogist I spoke to said, “He must really make you happy.” And of course, he didn’t and I was miserable. What a relevation that was.

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